What to Do When a Surgeon Makes a Mistake

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As medical negligence lawyers, Payer Law Group in Orlando understands that a surgeon making a mistake can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. Often, these “honest mistakes” can lead to more complications and even death. That is why we work to help those people who have been subject to a surgeon’s mistake and get them the compensation they deserve to recover. Payer Law Group is the personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust. We can help you with your medical negligence case today, so do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.


What is Considered a Mistake?


Anyone can make mistakes—even a surgeon. However, when you go in for surgery, there is very little room for mistakes. A mistake in a surgery could cause catastrophic results, and it is important for surgeons to be alert of every detail of the surgery so that they can ensure your safety and wellbeing. Not all surgeons are careful, however. When you encounter one of these surgeons and they perform surgery on you, you could accidentally be at risk for serious trauma and harm.


There are many common mistakes that surgeons may make during surgery or in the preparatory phases.


  •       Wrong site surgery: In these cases, the surgeon performs the correct procedure on the wrong part of the body. The result could mean that the reason for surgery is not removed or taken care of or that the operated body part could suffer negative side effects from the unnecessary surgery.


  •       Wrong surgery: This occurs when a surgeon performs the entirely incorrect procedure on a patient. These situations may occur when a medical chart is misplaced or a miscommunication is made otherwise, and it can lead to fatality.


  •       Unnecessary surgery: These situations can occur for a variety of reasons. Either there was a misdiagnosis that led the surgeon to believe that you required surgery or the surgeon insisted on a surgery that you did not require in order to heal, out of ignorance.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Can Help


When your surgeon makes a mistake, the aftermath can be life-threatening. Often, when surgeons make these serious mistakes, people are left paying more money in medical bills simply to recover and handle their new symptoms and conditions. You should not have to pay for these things out of your own pocket when someone else is responsible.

Payer Law Group is a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust, and we have experience with medical negligence. We can help you sort through your case and ensure that you hold the surgeon responsible for their actions. Contact us today to learn more.


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Payer Law Group is one of the top medical negligence lawyers in Orlando and we value helping our clients in sorting through their medical negligence case. If you would like to speak with the personal injury attorney Orlando trusts, contact us at Payer Law Group today to schedule a consultation about your case or visit our website to learn more.

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