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Wrongful Death Attorney in Orlando

Parents   |     Children    |    Spouses

In Florida, if you fall into any of the above groups you may be compensated for economic loss due to:

Hospital and other medical expenses.

Funeral expenses

Losing the companionship of the deceased member

Emotional toll of pain and suffering

Being a financial dependent or child under 25 enables you to claim compensation for the death of a parent/guardian.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In Florida, Workers’ Compensation laws provide certain compensation to the spouse and children of the deceased worker. Those parents who were financial dependents of the deceased worker may also be entitled to recover benefits.

Death also causes serious emotional damage to a family unit, so it is important for your Wrongful Death Attorney in Orlando to meet on a personal basis as many members of your affected family in order to understand how their loss has affected them individually.

We understand how hard personal loss can be, so we handle sensitive cases on an individual level to protect family emotionally and economically. If you have any questions about your case and need to hire an experienced Wrongful Death Attorney in Orlando, Christian G. Payer of Payer Law Group will be happy to consult with you and work on your case. Contact us today.


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