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Our Commitment To Your Case

We treat each and every case, no matter how big or small with all of the attention and detail it deserves. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent service with an experienced, knowledgeable and hardworking group of attorneys.


As a Florida Personal Injury Law Firm, we aggressively represent clients every day who have experienced accidents, falls, and the death of loved ones due to negligent drivers and workplace policies.


With over 30 years of experience, Payer Law Group can offer the peace of mind to their clients that their case will be handled in an ethical and diligent manner. Every detail of a case is extremely important in the resulting verdict, and obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients is our #1 priority.


To learn more about Christian G. Payer of the Payer Law Group, click here. Also, make sure to visit our News tab for the latest about the Payer Law Group and the services we provide to our clients.


Personal injury cases can be quite damaging emotionally and physically. From immobility to the grief experienced from a loss to time off work, it is important that you speak to a lawyer who can properly represent you and fight for you.


We hope that with the coming video additions displayed above, that you will gain a better sense of what our law firm can offer you and your loved ones. Should you have any further questions please feel free to write to us via our contact page or if you need faster assistance please call our office at (407) 648-1510 to reach our secretary.


Stop By Our Office


Feel free to stop by our offices as well. We are conveniently located in Orlando, FL and Lake Mary, FL. At Payer Law Group, our highly experienced personal injury attorney will do everything in his/her power to help you win your case and obtain the compensation you deserve to cover your expenses and hardship.


We understand just how impactful a personal injury can be to you and your family, and will do everything we can to resolve the case.


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