How A Workers Compensation Lawyer Helps Power Line Installers

workers compensation lawyerWorking with power lines is dangerous on many levels. There is always a risk of electrical shock or deadly electrocution when working with power lines. In addition, many power lines are located at an elevated height, and this means that power lines workers face the additional risk of falling while on the job. Many workplaces take considerable steps to keep their power lines workers safe from harm, such as by providing them with a full range of safety gear and requiring the use of the equipment on a regular basis. However, accidents can and do still occur even when every precaution is taken. If you have been injured in an accident, you may reach out to a workers compensation lawyer at Payer Law Group in Orlando for assistance obtaining financial compensation for your accident.


Filing Your Claim

The workers compensation claims process may be handled differently by various companies. Many companies will actively work with injured employees to file a claim, but some will not. A workers compensation lawyer from Payer Law Group can facilitate this process. By simply hiring an attorney, you are telling your workplace and the insurance company that you are willing to fight for the financial compensation that you are entitled to. A lawyer with experience in this area understands the claims process and can greatly reduce your stress level as well as the amount of time and energy required to file a claim.


Fighting Back Against Insurance Companies

Many claims are processed without hassle or incident, but some claims are challenging to get approved. Some insurance companies may conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, and they may try to put some blame back on you as the worker. Some may state that you had a pre-existing injury, or they may make other claims that will result in reduced or no payment to you. You need the compensation from a workers compensation claim to pay your medical bills and to replace lost wages related to the accident. Your attorney can fight back against insurance companies’ claims so that you can more easily obtain the funds that you need.


Determining If You Have a Case for a Civil Lawsuit

Many power lines workers who are injured on the job will have cause to file a workplace injury claim, and some may also have a strong case for a civil lawsuit. In a civil lawsuit, you are stating that another person or entity played a role in the accident. For example, their intentional actions or their negligence resulted in the accident. Your attorney can listen to the circumstances of your case to determine if you have a strong case that is worth pursuing. If this is the case, you may obtain further compensation that can be used to pay for medical bills and improve your quality of life after the accident.

Power lines workers are highly skilled individuals who face life-threatening situations in the work environment each day. While they choose to work in a risky environment, they are able to obtain damages when they are injured on the job. Your workers compensation lawyer with Payer Law Group can set up a consultation with you immediately after your accident so that you can move forward with a claim and a potential civil lawsuit as soon as possible.

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